Who am I?

And why?

portraitBorn in July 1988 near Grenoble (France), I have been passionate about video games since a young age, most certainly due to the arrival of a new member in the family: la famous NES! It has been followed by hours and hours of gameplay (well, it took a lot of time to get there because, obviously at that time, my time in front of the TV screen was watched very carefully by my dear parents!), to such an extent that an idea started to make its way through my little head of young boy.

Some may remember me in primary school, a little boy stating proudly "When I am an adult, I will make games!"; "Oh, that's cute!", "Ah, if only one could spend all day long playing!" (if only they had an idea of what it takes to make a video game..!) and other similar exclamations were frequent replies, nevertheless this has remained!

Not only has this remained, but it has also grew stronger, until it became my aim: in 2006 I start attending a two year diploma in IT in Grenoble, aiming to learn how to program. The last 3 months of this course were intended to be a placement, which allowed me to join a games development company (PHOENIX INTERACTIVE, based in Lyon)and discover the world of game making.

In 2008, with my diploma and my work experience, I decided to go to Middlesbrough, Nothern England, in order to learn games related programming in Teesside University. Finally I returned to France in 2010, in possession of a BSc in Computer Games Programming.

Programmation AND Design

A two-faced passion

Even though my main expertise is in programming, I am also highly interested in Game/level Design. Thinking up game mechanics, composing environments, forseeing events, balance different phases and favorising the players' immersion are many tasks that arouse my creativity. Unfortunately I did not have as much time as I would have wanted to and thus could not expand extensively my knowledge and skills in that domain; however, every occasion I had to do so was a pleasure: creating a campaign for the game Left4Dead (Source Engine), designing as well as programming another game project, analysing existing game mechanics,...

As a conclusion, I would say that even though my experience and diplomas do orient me towards programing, any proposition dealing with game design or requiring a very close relationship with a/some designer(s) is very likely to be well received from me.