Work experience

  • February 2013 (freelance) _ Development of a web app using Unity3D Flash (interactive 3D visualizer for customizable pieces of furniture) for NEVADA, LYON, FRANCE

  • DigDog StudioMarch 2011 - July 2012 _ iOS/Android UNITY programmer, DigDog Studio, LYON, FRANCE

  • Phoenix InteractiveApril - June 2008 _ Placement in a games development company, PHOENIX INTERACTIVE, LYON, FRANCE

  • 2007 - 2010 _ Summer jobs each year (restaurants, factory, cleaning..) + part time job while studying

  • April - October 2007 _ Voluntary member of a society while studing at the IUT2, GRENOBLE, FRANCE

Personal experience

  • Two years (2008 - 2010) spent in England, in MIDDLESBROUGH, in order to study there.

  • ROPEDevelopment of a platformer game with Unity3D(C#) within a team of 14, over 3 months. The product had received a decent visibility, by being showcased at the Gamagora Game Show 2013, plus a couple of articles on (one of the French leading websites about videogaming)

  • UDKLearning and using the UDK to development of a game on my own, for which I was both designer and programmer. I was being helped by friends for everything dealing with graphic assets. This projects lasted a few months full time, but was then dropped because of the lack of funds.

  • Games Dev Team NAINDevelopment of a game using C# and Microsoft XNA, as part of a 9 members team (programmers, artists, designers, sound designer and manager) over an academic year, for a university module.

  • Personal project of a 5 levels campaign for the game Left 4 Dead, with an original scenario. Design, story writing et mapping on my own ; dropped at an early stage, due to the lack of spare time after university work.

Courses and diplomas

  • University of Teesside2010 _ Achieved a BSc in Games Programming at Teesside University, MIDDLESBROUGH, UK

  • IUT2 Grenoble2008 _ Achieved a DUT informatique (2 years diploma in IT) at the IUT2, GRENOBLE, FRANCE

  • 2005 - 2006 _ One year in a post-secondary preparatory school at the lycée Vaucanson, GRENOBLE, FRANCE

  • 2005 _ Achieved a French Baccalauréat in Science


  • Programmation languages: C++, C#, Java, C, Unreal Script

  • Frameworks/APIs used: OpenGL, OpenSceneGraph, ARToolkit (augmented reality), SDL, XNA

  • Middlewares used: Hammer (Valve), Unreal Editor (Epic Games), Unity3D (Unity Technologies), XCode (Apple)

  • Notions: HTML, PHP, SQL, Lua, ADA, Objective C

  • Tools: SVN (versioning), Redmine (bug tracking)

  • Decent use of Photoshop

  • Good technical and common English, both written and spoken


  • Computing and video games

  • Movies / Reading in quantity

  • Play or used to play various sports: martial art, scuba diving, acrobatics, climbing, ultimate frisbee, moutainbiking, basketball, archery...

  • Recurrent practice of Airsoft

  • Traveling : England, Scotland, Italy, Croatia, Hungary, Tchek Republic, USA